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Custom made Longboard Skateboard shaped from Ash by Surfer Skater Paul Knowles. Paul was one of the first skateboards   starting in 1965 and has been a dedicated Surfer since 1966.

My surfing nick name is  Grizbee that's how GRIZBOARDS got the name.


I make custom surf style longboard skateboards to order from selected Ash The first skateboard where made from hardwoods and where shaped exactly like real surfboards of the time. Those surfboard shape boards are now what we call longboards, which have developed into more radical but classic retro styles of the 21 st century.

Riding a solid wooden board is a totally different concept to the mass produced pop out plywood boards that are readily available on the market today. Having skated with a variety of modern skateboard longboards I felt there was a need for a different approach.

 You feel the board through your feet, no deck grip. The soul just flows through you body from the tips of your toes. Riding bare foot on a 55 inch hardwood longboard is a truly amazing experience.

You have custom made surfboards so why not custom made skateboards. These boards are made from personally selected hardwoods. No single board will be the same. A unique item to cherish for years to hang on your wall, cruise or bomb that hill.

My boards are made to your specification, staring at 40 inches up to 60 with maximum widths of between 9 and 11 inches. Longer boards have more flex, try placing a ruler between two pencils and gently push down. Moving the pencils reduces the flex on a smaller wheel base. My boards tend to be around 16 mm thick, however if you are over 13 stone 20 mm would be better . Try the pencil test.

I use seasoned Ash for the majority of my boards. Ash is a very strong and flexible wood, which gives you the flex you need in a longboard.  Another wood I use is Saplie, a rewood that is stong and has a certain amount of flex. It has a nice red tint and looks great when varnished.

Please email me to discuss your requirements. All the boards I produce are hand shaped and inscriped with the board measurements date built and your name added. See my photos pages for more details.

. Contact me by email on grizbee60@yahoo.com


I shape custom hardwood Paipo bellyboards check my web pages at




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